Monthly Archives: November 2010

Use Mobile Video to Engage Customers

Mobile video is growing at astounding rates. In Google mobile ads blog, Google reports that out of 16,000 surveyed, 75% report that mobile is their primary way of watching YouTube content! Mobile marketing is the most intimate form of marketing available. Face it, your phone is with you 24/7. What other form of marketing can claim that the consumer has access to ads WHENEVER they want them, WHEREVER they want them and HOWEVER they want them? Mobile marketing is also the least annoying form of marketing because it's opt-in. MCG is producing digital media for screens large and small. We're working with mobile tactics to help our clients merge their offline and online marketing. At MCG we’re ready to help you make the connection and engage your customers. To see an example of one way it works, scan our QR code to see our one minute demo video. To get a free QR reader - visit on your device or visit your market store or app store.