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Your Customers Expect Video

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Look around and you’ll see young adults walking around, eyes staring at their phone, oblivious to their surroundings. Yet, they manage to maneuver without walking into posts or other people.

Why you ask? They’re more than likely captivated by the latest video taking the interweb by storm.

Today’s customers and employees grew up with video. They expect it. Young customers crave video and share it with all of their friends. Take a look at some facts from 87seconds.com.

  • Video appeals to multiple senses.
  • Video is fast. In other words, you can spread your message quickly and concisely.
  • Video let’s people believe it because they can see it.

Take advantage of this. Create videos for attention. Create buzz. Be in front of potential new customers. They expect video.

Bad Audio Can Ruin a Good Video

Video soundThere’s a reason the A is listed first in AV. It’s audio/visual not visual/audio. Amateur producers often focus too much on the video side of a project and forget the importance of the audio. Poorly recorded sound will kill a video more than poor video quality. When you watch a video and the audio quality is not good, the first thing your brain says is, “The picture looks bad.” Here is just a short list of what can make an interview sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher:

  • Using a camera mic for the interview
  • Improper placement of microphone
  • Wrong microphone chosen for the task
  • Using a phone to shoot the interview

The bottom line is good professional video production companies pay as much attention to the audio as they do the actual video. Remember, your video is only as good as your sound.

Online Marketing Communications…Everyone’s Doing it!

Image courtesy of wisewebweasel.com.

It seems that online marketing, search engine optimization and web development have been swept up by a tidal wave of mediocre providers. Desperate to salvage market share after the internet made their business models or corporate jobs obsolete, many are barging with wreckless abandon into the wild, wild west of online communications.

Corporate middle managers, phone book companies, newspapers, event companies and physical media suppliers are saying they provide everything a business needs in the world of online marketing communications, including SEO, Social Media, web development and even web video.

The problem is, they don’t have any experience, education or background in these areas, so they’re just marking it up and farming it out. Or worse, learning how to do it on your dime and your time.  In business, you want to work directly with the experts because nothing beats their experience and who needs a middle man? Before considering these snake oil sales people, make sure to check their track record:  How long have they been in the industry? How many companies are they working with in this capacity? Who does the actual work? With a few pointed questions, you can find out if they are truly experts or just jumping in on the latest trend.

Storytelling is a Key to Business Success

Joelene Calvert of Fastsigns Brooklyn Center talks about vehicle graphics in this video: http://youtu.be/e3m_mWo52e4

The key to success of any business is the ability to consistently tell their story in a brief, accurate, compelling way and get that message in front of as many prospective customers as possible.

The best way to tell a consistent, repeatable, entertaining story is with video.  And the best way to get the video in front of the most people is through online video sharing.

In an effective online video, you have about two or three minutes at the most to get your point across. The video needs to grab the viewers attention, keep the content flowing in a smooth, logical way and maintain an energetic pace by changing the visual every 4-5 seconds.

For people to share a video, it needs to be relevant, entertaining and add value.

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