Dispatches from the Digital World

Dispatches from the Digital World

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There are generally two routes most business communicators take once their video is complete:

  • Make it public and share it widely, or
  • Keep it private for a specific audience, but available by link

Make it public and share it widely

If the video is promotional in nature and you want prospective buyers to discover it via search engines, we recommend posting to YouTube. Since YouTube is a search engine owned by Google, you’re most likely to appear in Google searches for the keywords optimized in your description. However, it does need to be set up properly for the best results.

Make it private, but available by link

For videos to be shared with dealers and within an organization only, create a private link and password protect it, if necessary. There are many ways to do this, including services like Vimeo and Wistia. If there are multiple videos, consider a video hosting package that includes analytics, branding and various player controls. For any questions regarding how to best stream your video, call us, we’re always here to help.

WMV or MP4 File

Once a video is completed and approved, clients usually ask what type of video file they need.
It depends, are you:

Playing it on a PC in a PowerPoint Presentation?
If it’s for playback on a PC that has no other software loaded, then you’ll probably want a Windows Media (.wmv) file.

Playing back on Mac or PC, but not sharing publicly?
In this circumstance, create both .wmv and .MP4 versions of the video. MP4 works with Quicktime as well as PCs with the video player software loaded, like our favorite free one VLC Media Player.

Embedding on video sharing sites, like YouTube?
Video sharing sites recommend high resolution MP4 files. By starting with the highest quality possible, your video will look great on any device delivered through these sites.

When in doubt, go with both an MP4 and WMV files.

online video
What’s the first thing you do before you watch a video? Our eyes go directly to the lower right hand corner to see how long the video runs. We want to know how much time we’re going to invest if we watch this video. The shorter the better. We call this “short-sighted” video viewing.

Here’s how our minds think when we see the run time:

:01 – 1:00 = We’ll watch this!
1:01 – 1:30 = We’ll probably watch this.
1:31 – 2:00 = There’s a chance we’ll watch this but it better be good.
2:01 – 2:30 = We’ll only watch this if we’re interested in the topic.
2:31 – 3:00 = We probably won’t watch this.
3:00 + = We won’t watch this. It’ll take up too much of our time.

People have short attention spans so think “short-sighted” when producing your videos. If you have a lot of content, split it up into two or more videos. Six one-minute videos will be way more effective than one six-minute video.

watch online video
Look around and you’ll see young adults walking around, eyes staring at their phone, oblivious to their surroundings. Yet, they manage to maneuver without walking into posts or other people.

Why you ask? They’re more than likely captivated by the latest video taking the interweb by storm.

Today’s customers and employees grew up with video. They expect it. Young customers crave video and share it with all of their friends. Take a look at some facts from 87seconds.com.

  • Video appeals to multiple senses.
  • Video is fast. In other words, you can spread your message quickly and concisely.
  • Video let’s people believe it because they can see it.

Take advantage of this. Create videos for attention. Create buzz. Be in front of potential new customers. They expect video.

Video soundThere’s a reason the A is listed first in AV. It’s audio/visual not visual/audio. Amateur producers often focus too much on the video side of a project and forget the importance of the audio. Poorly recorded sound will kill a video more than poor video quality. When you watch a video and the audio quality is not good, the first thing your brain says is, “The picture looks bad.” Here is just a short list of what can make an interview sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher:

  • Using a camera mic for the interview
  • Improper placement of microphone
  • Wrong microphone chosen for the task
  • Using a phone to shoot the interview

The bottom line is good professional video production companies pay as much attention to the audio as they do the actual video. Remember, your video is only as good as your sound.

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