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Ideas for Engaging Customers with Video

As this article from Social Media Examiner points out, there are many ways to engage customers using video.   Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are listed, but are really the platforms for video delivery.  There are many other suggestions in the article on types of videos for business communications, including product videos, interviews with experts and key influencers, day-in-the-life and other types of videos.

One main point the article makes is that the videos don’t have to be long to be effective. In fact, if they are longer than five minutes, they have less chance of being viewed at all, unless the content is compelling, of course.  So keep them short, use your experts and produce them at a level of quality that communicates professionalism and builds trust in your brand.

Online Video is Becoming First Stop for Consumers

A recent New York Times article found that small businesses can easily access and engage their customers with online video using tactics like product demonstrations, raising awareness and providing how-to instruction.

As the article states, it gives small businesses a “channel to talk directly to customers” in ways only large corporations could in the past with television advertising. Call us for a free estimate on your video project today.

Online Video Reaches YOUR Decision Making Audience

A recent e-Marketer article proved that video is the preferred method of learning about a companies products and services among executive level business professionals.

This chart shows a percentage comparison of views of business-related websites vs. YouTube. This chart proves that you need your videos on your site to increase the odds that you’ll reach key decision makers.

We can help you engage your business audience with online video.