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Online Marketing Communications…Everyone’s Doing it!

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It seems that online marketing, search engine optimization and web development have been swept up by a tidal wave of mediocre providers. Desperate to salvage market share after the internet made their business models or corporate jobs obsolete, many are barging with wreckless abandon into the wild, wild west of online communications.

Corporate middle managers, phone book companies, newspapers, event companies and physical media suppliers are saying they provide everything a business needs in the world of online marketing communications, including SEO, Social Media, web development and even web video.

The problem is, they don’t have any experience, education or background in these areas, so they’re just marking it up and farming it out. Or worse, learning how to do it on your dime and your time.  In business, you want to work directly with the experts because nothing beats their experience and who needs a middle man? Before considering these snake oil sales people, make sure to check their track record:  How long have they been in the industry? How many companies are they working with in this capacity? Who does the actual work? With a few pointed questions, you can find out if they are truly experts or just jumping in on the latest trend.

Feed and Nurture Your Web Site with Fresh Content

Your website and Facebook fanpages are like vegetable gardens. If you simply plant a bunch of seeds and let it go, they might produce some vegetables. But if you really want a garden to bear the most produce, you need to water and nurture it.

Same with your website and your Facebook fanpage. If you simply slap something up, you might get a few inquiries. But if you really want it to perform, you need to constantly feed and nurture them with fresh content.

Are you frustrated because your website or Facebook fanpage isn’t performing to your expectations? Are you ready to start nurturing your site or fanpage into a customer-generating machine that it could be?

Let us know, we’d love to help!

82% of B2B Marketers Rely on Content Marketing

A recent article in Entrepreneur explains why content marketing is king.  The article quotes research by HiveFire that found that an impressive 82 percent of B2B marketers now employ content marketing as a strategy in their marketing programs. Coming in at a distant second place is search engine marketing at 70 percent, followed by events at 68 percent, public relations at 64 percent and print/TV/radio advertising at 32 percent.

The article goes on to say that “part of the popularity of content marketing is its ability to generate qualified leads while engaging prospects in a branded environment without busting the budget.”

Further proof that content marketing is an important component in a B2B marketing strategy.

Survey Proves Good Web Video Generates Leads

The B2B Technology Marketers on LinkedIn conducted a survey recently to better understand the current state of B2B content marketing and identify key challenges as well as best practices. Here are a few of the findings (direct from their results):

- Content marketing is growing dramatically in popularity with over 71 percent of respondents doing more of it than a year ago (in contrast, only 2 percent are doing less).
- The biggest motivator for content marketing is its ability to drive awareness, leads, and engagement with prospects, to compensate where where traditional tactics are falling short.
- The most popular content formats are case studies, presentations at live events, white papers, online articles and videos.
- The biggest challenge: producing truly engaging content.
- The most popular channels to deliver content are website, live events, email.
- The top performance metric for content marketer is leads.
- Corporate marketing owns content marketing in most organizations and spends an average of 20 percent of budget on content marketing.

Check out the full report here and share it:

Survey results posted and shared by Holger Schulze